New works: Cherish the Essence of Love with kataoka

January 13, 2024
New Works

This January 13th, as the season of love blossoms, we at kataoka are delighted to unveil our latest works, crafted in the spirit of Valentine's Day.
Each piece, born from a blend of passion and artistry, stands as a heartfelt tribute to the enduring grace and beauty of love.

Whether it’s a token of affection for a loved one or a cherished gift to yourself, our creations are designed to resonate with the heart's deepest sentiments.
Embrace the spirit of Valentine's Day with kataoka – where every creation is a testament to love's timeless elegance.

Embrace the Holiday Spirit with kataoka

November 27, 2023
Embrace the Holiday Spirit with kataoka

This holiday season, delve into the enchanting world of kataoka. Our gift guide is thoughtfully curated to encapsulate more than mere jewelry; it's a celebration of love, exceptional craftsmanship, and timeless beauty. Each piece is a testament to affection and artistry, waiting to add a touch of glitz and glamor to your festive celebrations. Let kataoka guide your journey in selecting gifts that resonate deeply, creating unforgettable moments for your loved ones.

For a personalized touch, our Flagship Locations in New York City and Tokyo await your visit. Our experts, passionate about sparking joy, are ready to assist in finding that quintessential kataoka piece, ensuring a holiday filled with warmth and heartfelt joy.

The Essence of Timeless Moments

November 1, 2023
A Holiday Gift From Us
A Holiday Gift From Us
A Holiday Gift From Us

In the gentle shift from autumn's rustle to the festive season's sparkle, time turns into an evocative tapestry, weaving together moments that we cherish with those we hold dear. Recognizing the value of these fleeting instants, we've curated something truly special for you, just in time for the approaching celebrations. Our Ready-to-Ship collection, an ensemble of elegant necklaces, contemporary gemstone earrings, and delicate bracelets, is more than jewelry; it's an embodiment of timeless beauty, poised to adorn you or a loved one.

With a mere click, an piece of sophistication can be yours in mere days. And to make the occasion even more memorable, each purchase from this collection is accompanied by our hand-poured Ainokura Candle—a tribute to ageless craftsmanship and allure. But remember, this exclusive offering is ephemeral, available only until our limited stock endures. This season, let us seamlessly intertwine with your cherished moments.