Love is Timeless

Cherished Adornments for the Lover You Adore

Holiday Gift Guide

Thinking of the perfect Valentines gift?
Celebrate the season of love with kataoka and shower your beloved with gifts as timelessly beautiful as your bond. Our creations are more than jewelry; they are expressions of devotion handcrafted to last a lifetime and beyond. We’ve curated our passion-infused shimmering treasures to capture every facet of romance.

Roses are Red…

Make it a date night with these dazzling sparklers.
From spicy spinels and playful paraibas to deep ruby spectacles as richly red as fresh roses, give in to love and lust with gem creations that radiate passion.

Valentine's Day Gift

…Violets Are Blue

Honor a deep love with regal hues of blue.
From oceanic sapphires and aquamarines to azure and cerulean-sky tanzanite and tourmalines, bestow creations that whisper tales of a resplendent, timeless embrace between soulmates.

Crest Necklace-Tanzanite

Be Still, My Bleeding Heart

The ultimate expression of love, these heart-shaped delights transcend jewelry to become talismans that radiate the inner light of your beloved.
Discover the perfect treasure that speaks to your sweetheart's soul.

Valentine's Day Gift

All You Need Is Love

For the moments when less becomes so much more, let the tinniest of sparks ignite a love that truly shines through.
Delight your beloved with delicate creations that speak volumes.

Solitaire Necklace