Ready to Ship
- Limited Edition

Urushi Jewelry Box

Ready to Ship
- Limited Edition
Ready to Ship
- Limited Edition

Urushi Jewelry Box

Centuries-old lacquerware craftsmanship meets delicate, timeless creations. A partnership of Japan’s best artisans to give you the world in one magnificent box.

Since the 18th century, Wajima Kirimoto has perfected the art of wood and lacquerware design integral to the Japanese culture for over 14,000 years. Together with Wajima Kirimoto’s time-tested skill and expertise and kataoka’s one-of-a-kind, timeless artistic vision of heirloom jewelry, they have brought to life, over three years of experimentation, the Urushi Jewelry Box; a true collaboration of artisan craft in a uniquely designed box.

With a base made from finely cut Japanese paper expertly covered in smooth, glossy midnight black lacquer from the outside and meticulously hand-polished detailing of imperial red from the inside, the Urushi Jewelry Box is a treasure of unparalleled, incomparable minimalistic elegance worthy of holding everlasting beauties.

See "Details" for this objet d'art specifics.

  • Size: 30 mm x 72 mm x 118 mm
  • Material: Japanese paper (washi) & lacquer
Reference: ob0013aa

The objects we collect to adorn our homes should only be a reflection of the treasures we adorn ourselves with, and that is why kataoka has created a collection of finely hand-crafted objects.

Each intended to bring refinement, enjoyment and an element of opulence to your home or office. For a life well lived, you deserve to surround yourself with the finest.

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