Paraiba Iris Marquise Ring


Paraiba Iris Marquise Ring

An Air of Regal Perfection. A captivating and brilliant turquoise green Marquise-cut Paraiba tourmaline is carefully mounted on an ultra slim milgrain-edged 18K beige gold band accented by smaller Paraiba stones and delicate diamond petals— a spectacular little charmer that befits a royal at heart.

Inspired by the romantic designs of the past, the Paraiba Iris Marquise Ring brings back memories of the elegant era of the 18th century with its every gleam and sparkle.

See "Details" for this ring specifics (carat weight, metal, etc.)

  • Band: width 1.3 mm thickness 2 mm
  • Paraiba (center) 0.55 ct. w3.5 mm x h8.5 mm
  • Paraiba (total) 0.58 ct.
  • Diamond (total) 0.23 ct.
  • Picture: 18k beige gold

  • Read more about how we hand-apply the Milgrain.
Reference: ka0247ab

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