One of a Kind

Paraiba Cluster Ring-Supreme

One of a Kind

Paraiba Cluster Ring-Supreme

One of a Kind

A bouquet of brilliance. The ethereal Paraiba tourmalines glimmer as if they’re morning dew on a field of snowy white diamond flowers in the wild, with hints of rich emerald greens and budding blue sapphires.

With each gem precisely laid one by one by hand onto the meticulously handcrafted kataoka setting of custom-blended metal with diamond-studded floral design band, the Paraiba Cluster Ring Supreme is made to flourish for all seasons of time.

This art piece is one of kataoka true floral treasures in the Herbarium collection.

See "Details" for this ring specifics (carat weight, metal, etc.)

  • Band: width 10 mm thickness 1.5 mm
  • Sapphire (total) 0.07 ct.
  • Paraiba (total) 0.16 ct.
  • Diamond (total) 0.86 ct.
    all F color, clarity SI1, very good cut and polish.
  • Picture: 18k beige gold

Magnificent, sweeping golden petals, clusters of tiny diamonds catching the light in bursts of rainbow brilliance; these are the characteristics that come together to create the Herbarium Collection.

These creations are designed to bring the wearer the same complete joy found in walking through your favorite botanical garden. Invoking memories of warm summer days, of fragrant breezes on chilly nights, of living sweetly and freely.

From earrings that dance on your ears, rings that wrap around your fingers and necklaces that embrace you, there is a celebration in these jewels for everyone.

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