- One-of-a-Kind

Diamond Calyx Ring
Hexagon Rime

- One-of-a-Kind

Diamond Calyx Ring
Hexagon Rime

Twice the Charm. Let the immaculate white round-cut diamond and luminescent hexagon-cut diamond dance in the moment with their irresistible glow as they grace together atop the slim handcrafted semi-polished custom-metal band. The Diamond Calyx Ring-Hexagon Rime is a true innovative design that embodies love and joy in a single creation.

A perfect, one-of-a-kind gift for any romantic occasion.

See "Details" for this ring specifics (carat weight, metal, etc.)

  • Band: width width 1.4 mm thickness 1.4 mm
  • Diamond (Hexagon) 0.18 ct.
  • Diamond (Round) 0.15 ct.
  • Picture: 18k beige gold

  • *Due to the screen display calibration the colors shown may slightly differ from the actual colors.
Reference: ka0288ac

Behind gentle beauty, the part of every flower called Calyx curves strong and proud giving support and definition to each blossom.

Bright colors playing with the light in smoothly bending gemstones, carefully crafted, invisible-like settings that mimic the way petals overlay one another and cues taken directly from nature - all are brought together to create these one-of-a-kind pieces.

Playful, effervescent and strong all at once.

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