Calyx Studs
Diamond & Emerald


Calyx Studs
Diamond & Emerald

Kismet of simplistic beauty and vibrant elegance. Two-of-a-kind alluring stones in one masterful creation. With their breathtaking, striking emerald green gemstones paired with the brightest of yellow diamonds slightly overlapping against each other on a delicate 18k Beige gold Calyx Setting, the Calyx Studs-Diamond & Emerald delight both the vividly bold and the classically sophisticated.

An out-of-the-box concept, kataoka’s signature Calyx Setting, truly pushes the imagination to create something never seen before.

Sold as a pair.

  • Emerald (total) 0.30 ct.
  • Yellow Diamond (total) 0.30 ct.
  • Post length 10.0 mm (approx.)
  • Picture: 18k beige gold

  • *Due to the screen display calibration the colors shown may slightly differ from the actual colors.
Reference: ka0257ad

The Calyx Collection is an ode to the natural beauty of flowers and their unwavering spirit.

The collection features shimmering gemstones in an array of vibrant hues, captured in artfully designed, invisible-style settings that mimic the way petals overlap and support one another.

Each piece is a harmonious blend of playful, sparkling hues and strong, confident design, capturing the essence of a flower in full bloom.

Whether it's a necklace that embraces you, a ring that wraps around your finger, or earrings that dance on your ears, the Calyx Collection is a celebration of the beauty and strength of nature.

USD $1,980.00
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