Bias & Milgrain

Bias & Milgrain

Sourced from superior-grade electronics and fused into a strong, vibrant high-karat gold this ring is hammered and forged into a steadily curving band with a one-of-a-kind twist.

Once the metal has cooled, a master goldsmith hand-applies precision marked strikes and textured edges to create a ring both understated and structural.

  • Band: width 2.1 mm thickness 1.5 mm
  • Picture: 18k grey gold

  • Read more about how we hand-apply the Milgrain.

Reference: br0011aa

An iconic ring, a statement of love, fidelity and forever. Never has an item of jewelry held so much value as the beloved Wedding Band.

Made of only the purest, custom-blended gold our rings feature unique details on classic silhouettes. Designed to be an heirloom, these commitment rings will be as unique and as meaningful as your love for one another for generations.

USD $2,780.00
Bias & Milgrain <br><i>Groom's</i> Bias & Milgrain <br><i>Groom's</i> Bias & Milgrain <br><i>Groom's</i> Bias & Milgrain <br><i>Groom's</i>
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