- One-of-a-Kind

Color Vase IX

- One-of-a-Kind

Color Vase IX

Dare to be a little unconventional. With the twisting, almost poetic pattern of custom-blended crimson red and midnight black glass handblown and sculpted into this statement piece, your favorite scarlet flowers and exotic plants will standout even more in your living space.

Contrast the deep tones of the vase against brightly colored florals to create an interesting combination that goes together like yin and yang.

  • Material: custom-blended colored glass.

  • Dimensions: approximately φ75 mm x 202 mm

  • Care: Hand-wash with a gentle soap and water.

  • Due to the very nature of handcrafted glass, each piece is one-of-a-kind and might vary slightly from the pictures. All sales are final and no returns or exchanges can be accepted.
Reference: pi0039aa

At kataoka, we believe in infusing beauty into the world through exceptional handcrafted designs that endure the test of time. That's why we're proud to present the work of Toyama-based glass artist Peter Ivy, widely recognized as one of the most talented in his field. Discover his creations in our New York Flagship and online store.

Peter's art is a harmonious blend of functionality, aesthetics, and a meticulous crafting process. As he says, "I strive to find the intersection of these three circles in my work."

Explore the fascinating journey of Peter Ivy and his craft by clicking here.

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