The kataoka jewelry Story

kataoka is a luxury jewelry company founded in 2011 in Tokyo by Yoshinobu Kataoka, a designer and goldsmith with over 25 years of experience.

Since its foundation kataoka has been an ongoing exercise in the pursuit of joy and timeless beauty through the design and creation of wearable art.

This pursuit has manifested itself in different forms - Authentic designs, handmade milgrain edges, innovative diamond cutting and setting, and custom-blended gold - but the driving force behind each piece has stayed the same.

Along this journey it has often been necessary to look back in order to progress forward, which just might be the truest way to articulate the kataoka jewelry concept.

kataoka jewelry is a journey to understated elegance, simplicity, and excitement through creation, and the products and collections that are born each season are our most honest attempts at reaching towards those goals.



Attention to Details

kataoka jewelry is made by hand in Tokyo using precious gems and metals. The gold is custom-blended to founder Yoshinobu Kataoka’s specifications and is exclusive to our designs.

Milgrain edges, diamond cutting, and other finishing touches are all applied by hand, and these traditional crafting techniques best emphasize the beauty of our natural materials.



Conflict-Free Materials

Kataoka uses the highest quality conflict-free noble metals, diamonds, and natural untreated precious gems.



Low Impact Production

Over the past 40 years the global jewelry market has been saturated with poorly crafted, homogenized, and over-priced jewelry that produce a staggering amount of harmful industrial waste.

kataoka jewelry was founded as a response.

No harmful chemicals are used in the kataoka jewelry production process. All jewels are handcrafted and all gemstones and diamonds are hand set, and produced in limited quantities to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximum quality.

All kataoka jewelry pieces come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.



Yoshinobu Kataoka

kataoka jewelry is the vision of Japanese designer and goldsmith Yoshinobu Kataoka and is the culmination of 25 years of industry expertise.

Yoshinobu is driven by the desire to design and handcraft delicate jewelry that lasts forever and creates a feeling of excitement for whoever sees them.